Dentist Baton Rouge Uses Custom Patches For Advertising

This Baton Rouge dentist is an expert in orthodontics and uses custom patches for advertising. This inexpensive advertising tool has been an effective method for informing others of his services.

A healthy smile is important to one’s self-confidence. Orthodontics can make a lovely smile for individuals who require just a little-added care and attention. Specific dental procedures can also assist relieving painful conditions inside the jaw triggered by misaligned teeth. Correctly aligned teeth are less difficult to clean and maintain.

A wide open smile showing pearly white teeth all aligned and clean is vital, but many people are born with teeth that don’t align correctly. Fortunately, this Baton Rouge dentist is specially trained in orthodontics to correct any dental problems.

This dentist can realign and straighten teeth by utilizing braces that gently move the teeth back to exactly where they should be. Sometimes it is necessary to extract teeth that are causing overcrowding. When teeth are put back into their natural position, it is much easier to floss and brush teeth removing all particles of food. Your smile will appear cleaner and whiter, and your breath will smell fresher.

Malocclusion exists when the upper and lower portions of the jaw don’t match up. When a small degree of malocclusion exists, there may not be a significant problem. When a severe problem exists, the face may appear abnormal, or the patient may experience discomfort when biting or chewing. The positive aspects of orthodontics are apparent when the patient has a beautiful smile.

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