Lakers basketballer LeBron James is back to face the Clippers.

Basketball is also an interesting sport that many are passionate about. The basketball players as other players are facing the traits of the Covid virus pandemic which hinders some from partaking in a match. The Lakers basketballer LeBron James recently tested positive for covid is now back to the basketball court. 

Reasons behind LeBron James recent declared out 

The popular and basketball player LeBron James happens to be a Covid-19 carrier revealed after a test carried out on him and due to this, the protocols for safety and health made an order of calling him out for a minimum of 10 days. Click on this site for more information. According to the health and safety protocols, any player that happens to enter Covid Protocol will end up missing 10 - 14 days and that’s around 4 - 7 games the player will miss out on. On Tuesday 30th of November 2021, LeBron James was placed in the Covid-19 Protocols where constant tests were carried out on him. The news concerning the player’s condition contributed to the application of the principle of health and safety protocol hereby calling him out pending the time he will be tested Covid free. This news isn’t indeed a pleasant one both for him and his fans.

LeBron James real Covid status 

The news of the basketball star stating him to be Covid-19 positive has been a very devastating one so far. But this scare of Covid ends up being a wrongful and incorrect test. After multiple tests that generated conflicting results, additional ones were done with which was confirmed that the popular basketballer LeBron James is not Covid positive. He was tested negative reason of his return to the court without delay because no reason to hold him back. The first test carried out on the player is either a false negative or an inconclusive one. Based on these new results revealing that he has never been Covid positive, LeBron James will no longer miss time. LeBron James is back!