Visits, More Than a Tax, a Civic

Obligation It is true that you do not live in Mexico, but the mere fact that you spend some time there makes you a citizen of this region. Therefore, you will have to contribute at least to the taxes that allow this region to develop. One of these contributions is the visit tax. It is used to renovate the most remote areas of Mexico and has been mandatory for some time. Read this article to learn more about this tax. 

What Is the Purpose of This Tax 

For more information, click on this link Renewing roads, redecorating, paying for cleaners, adding new equipment and maintaining systems and devices. These are all tasks that need to be done every year or even every day in the world's top tourist destinations. 

So you agree that all these jobs require huge financial resources. Resources that the managers of these places do not always have at their disposal. Therefore, they are forced to impose taxes that you will have to pay. 

If you are wondering where your money goes, you should know that it is used as a fund to establish a renewal plan for these cities. 

Which category of tourist pays this tax 

All tourists are required to pay this tax. It does not matter where they come from, except for residents of Mexico. So, if you are coming from a foreign country as a businessman, traveler or even a student, you will have to pay the tourist tax. 

However, if you are traveling with children who are between 0 and 4 years old, you will not have to pay them the tax since they are not affected by this reform. 

Also, if you are traveling to Mexico without going to the areas affected by the reform, you will not have to pay anything either. If you have any doubts about how to pay the tax, you can ask the relevant authorities.