What are the best chatbots on Messenger ?

Chatbots on Messenger as well as on Facebook are applications that offer several advantages to online sales agents. Chatbots allow them to update their news feed and to be closer to their customers. These applications are constantly developing and especially improving. That's why there are several of them and choosing the best chatbot becomes difficult.

The chatbot 1.800- flowers.com and Sephora

The chatbot 1.800- Flowers.com is one of the best messenger snatchbot. This application makes it easy to sell online to online salesmen. Also the delivery is done easily. All the customer has to do is download the application, choose his product and provide his address. He then has to pay the product costs through the payment gateways. To increase their productivity, brands can send promo codes and even special offers to their customers to encourage them to buy. You can see more here. 
The Sephora chatbot is an application specialized in selling cosmetics and beauty products. It makes it easy to communicate with customers, make recommendations, and even set up appointments for a physical meeting. Sephora has been around since 2016 and offers a better service.

TechCrunch and Surveybot

The main role that the TechCrunch chatbot plays is to share histories. These histories are designed through the content feeds. This allows the reader to quickly find and view articles based on their convenience. This is a great marketing strategy that this app provides to brands. It increases readership and boosts customer loyalty. TechCrunch also helps to avoid email competition. 
Surveybot is also a great chatbot app on messenger. It allows you to do surveys. Its main purpose is to collect customer opinions. Its opinions allow different brands to more perfect and offer better products. The application is easy to use, no need for mastery in code for using it.