What are the different food supplements for bodybuilding?

Building muscle is one of the wisest decisions you can make if you want to have a dream body. However, in order to do this effectively, your body needs certain food supplements that should be included in your diet. Here are some of them in the following article, you are so invited to read it.

Whey proteins, more about it

These proteins are located in the liquid part of dairy products. More specifically, whey proteins are found in the water that rises to the surface of yoghurt. For more explanation, click this link. Also called whey products, it is of good quality and full of the nutrients necessary for the health of an athlete. In these whey proteins, leucine and glutamine are found to a large extent. Of course, these substances help to increase the muscle mass of a sportsman.
In addition to leucine and glutamine, whey also contains glutathione, a molecule that has beneficial effects on the immune system.

Creatine, more about it

Creatine is one of the necessary food supplements that a sportsman must use. This natural substance produced by the liver, pancreas and kidneys helps to keep the ATP level in the cells and tissues high. There are usually 100 grams of this substance in the body which are located in the muscles.
An athlete can therefore use monohydrate supplements to increase the contraction of creatine in the body. Thus, this supplement will enhance the athlete's physical capabilities.

Beta - alanine, more about it

Beta - alanine or BA is a substance that our muscles produce naturally. This substance is produced with the help of acids contained in food. Beta - alanine plays the same role as creatine. It improves a sportsman's performance and enables him to work for a long time with intensity. Beta - alanine combats fatigue by acting on lactic acid.