What are the elements that characterise totalitarianism?

Totalitarianism is a mode of governance that is not satisfied with passivity. It is a political system in which there is only one party to impose its ideology. Totalitarianism does not admit any proposal outside its vision. No opposition can be organised. The state confiscates the totality of society's activities. It is a form of governance that controls public and private life. Find out more about the characteristic elements of totalitarianism in the following article. 

Control of social life by the state

Totalitarianism is one of the ways of governance that does not privilege social life. Everything is controlled by the state, but the voice of the people is not taken into account in the management. See my latest blog post for more on this. Only the ruling power organises social life, the minimum of cultural and political pluralism is not tolerated. The totalitarian regime imposes its ideologies on the daily practices of social life. For the followers of totalitarianism, only what they think is right for everyone. No suggestion for improvement or idea is valid unless it comes from the ruling power. Everything is set up to control individuals, it is almost impossible to organise to protest, any idea of resistance is seen as a threat. The fathers of such governance aim at the total absence of any resistance.

One state against all

Totalitarianism puts itself above all others. Even in external policies, the totalitarian ruler aims to impose his governance. When you do not adhere to the ideology of governance you are seen as an enemy. From the economic point of view, in a system considered totalitarian you will see a great deal of state intervention in economic activities. The ideological monopoly rules over the population. The vision of the promoters of such a mode of management does not bear any doubt, no criticism. The vision is imposed on everyone and is reinforced by a fight against the enemies of the regime. Added to all this is the fact that the state apparatus is controlled by a single party. It is a regime that is also characterised by its control of all the media, the army and the central management of the economy.