What are the reasons for a cat to run away?

Cats are considered to be one of the most popular pets in the world. However, sometimes cats run away. What are the reasons for this? We will discuss the answer further in the rest of this article.
To satisfy its reproductive instincts
If you have a cat that is not neutered, then you must expect it to run away at some point to mate with another cat. This applies to both female and male cats. In general, male cats will do anything to get to a female cat in heat. This is precisely one of the reasons why many cats run away. When it is a pregnant female cat, it can also happen that she leaves the house to go away for a while.

To extend its range

Even if you take good care of your cat's diet, she is still a predator. He will always try to go on the hunt. A determined cat may extend its hunting range. It may also be absent for a long period of time. It is clear that you are worried. However, you should be aware that this is an unquestionable habit of cats. In other words, it is in their nature. From one day to the next, you will notice that your cat is missing. Because your cat will go for a walk, looking for new prey. You can get his response on this site.

Runaway due to generous neighbours

In certain situations it can happen that your cat (although very happy in your home) finds a second family a little further away. This is precisely a family that is prepared to feed, cherish and cuddle him as well as you. This way you can watch him disappear for a while and then come back to your home as if nothing had happened.