What is private accident insurance?

More than eight million people are involved in accidents each year. Most accidents occur during leisure time, at home or while exercising. A serious accident often has lasting health or financial consequences: one-time or permanent financial burdens may arise. This is where private accident insurance comes in.

What is private accident insurance for?

An accident can happen quickly. Fortunately, most people get away with the horror and minor injuries. But unfortunately not always. That's why private accident insurance is important for everyone. Private accident insurance provides a wide range of assistance. More information is waiting for you, so click to read more.

Disability benefit

The disability benefit is a one-time lump sum benefit. On the one hand, it is calculated according to the degree of disability, which is determined on the basis of the membership fee. On the other hand, according to the amount of the agreed insured sum. The service is not tied to any target.

Accident pension

In the event of particularly severe permanent disability, the accident insurance pays a life annuity. The amount of the pension is agreed individually. The stipulation is the degree of impairment. The payment of the pension is not tied to any goal.

Death benefit

If the accident results in death within one year, the surviving dependents are entitled to the insured death benefit. This is usually less than the agreed upon disability amount.

Daily allowance, hospital daily allowance

For the self-employed in particular, an accident is frequently associated with a loss of income. That's why they usually agree on a per diem. It is paid up to one year after the day of the accident. In case of hospitalization, the daily hospital benefit can help, which is typically paid up to two years after the accident. The insurer usually pays the hospitalization benefit even if the insured is unable to work due to an outpatient operation.